Rasadnik DIVES

Plant nursery

DivesThe DIVES Plant nursery has been pursuing with the decorative plants cultivation since 1994. Our products of quality adorn many cities of Croatia as well as private houses landscapes. All the flower sorts cultivated in our nursery are available for direct sale or purchased at your request.  

The production is effected in the greenhouses equipped with automatic heating, dip tables with automatic watering and ventilated cultivation area. Such areas enable the plants to have optimal conditions for their growth and development.

The result is visible in a uniform shape and equal height of each plant as well as a high quality enabling the final client a safe continuation of growth of his plants in new conditions.

Apart from the care for quality we also pay very much attention to the plant sorts we cultivate. Each year we select over the sorts momentarilly available on the market so that we keep in production only the sorts having high resistance to the exterior conditions and have a regular form of growth and a rich blossoming.

Our products are available in many florist shops and  garden centers, used in many cities in Croatia for ornamental purposes and can also be bought in our retail trade shop on the same address: 16 Ripenda Kras LABIN.

DIVES also offers production of larger quantities of plant material at your request. You can order various kinds and sorts of plants in a variety of cultivation containers in a way to completely satisfy the customer's needs.

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