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Landscape designing

The procedure of landscape designing concerns: survey of the designer, taking photos of the existing situation, photos arranging into the view of the final landscape arrangement and planimetry elaboration.
 The garden design and planimetry elaboration appear to be very important elements in the landscape or scenery planning.We can deduct from the plan the detailed quantity of the material needed ( soil, sand, plants, walls, edging, lamps etc…) pavements, precise measures of the ground dimensions ( pools, paths, arbours,fountains) and get a detailed offer with the prime cost for your landscape.
You can then plan your investment even in phases avoiding unexpected expenses. 
Except the list of expenses the plan offers the plants perfectly compatible with the abiotic conditions your estate is placed.In case one should put a certain kind of inappropriate plant species it may provoke a series of phisical damages such as braking of branches if exposed to strong winds, drying up due to the inaproppriate soil composition, drying up due to absence of humidity, lack of insolation, just to name some of the examples of using inadequate  plant species.

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