Rasadnik DIVES


DIVES has been busy with landscape designing and arrangements, so we have been engaged in effecting a variety of jobs concerning the private estates, production plants landscapes designing, firms and hotel resorts.

In horticulture arranging the certified planting material of the known suppliers or from our own production are used.

At lawn sowing we also use the seeds of the known suppliers with excellent reputation: following the customer's wishes we choose the mixture of grass seeds.

Except the above mentioned, DIVES offers horticultural maintenance such as: lawn mowing, lawn airing, green fence trimming, planting, lawn manure, hoeing and beds planting etc.

Besides we provide services of catering and soil levelling, installing irrigation systems and landscape designing.

After the idea has been ordered by the client or following our preliminary design the realization can start. We carry on with realization on all ground sizes paying our attention to the choice of plants material, irrigation material and the mixture of the grass. 

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