Rasadnik DIVES

Dives started the business as a family handicraft in 1992. At that hard time the young couple, both agronomists Nadija and Valdi Paliska started to realize their vision of founding a flower nursery.In very simple warm (heated by putting manure below) garden beds they cultivate vegetable seedlings for sale . They went to the local market by themselves very early in the morning in order to get a free stand so they could sell their products.They tried with rabbits breeding so they at that time disposed with 150 doe- rabbits in cooperation with another firm: consequently the firm did not succede so this episode had to be closed down!In 1994 they were invited to design the landscape of a local factory: it was a real challenge for the young couple; they disposed with very modest equipment but they accepted it engaging a lot of manual work and an enormous will and enthusiasm!After the successfully executed task one can freely say that it was one of the key-moments allowing them to invest in greenhouses and advanced equipment. With better references they consequently could employ new workers! At the same time they develop flower production and ornamental plants.Soon after that DIVES was engaged in many demands for cultivating green areas asked by a number of factories, firms and private clients.  In 2006 the production of chrysanthemum seedlings started.In the following years DIVES has grown significantly succeeding from "so to say" almost nothing to raise to more than 5000 square meters of cultivated  surface intended for ornamental plants production.Today the firm produces flower plants for numerous clients, and among them for various public firms in need to design their landscape; it also produces chrysanthemums seedlings of the French breeding firm "Sauve-Guitett" for sale all arround Croatia, as well as further engagement in projecting and landscape designing.

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